Start saving precious resources by reducing the number of service responses to customer sewer backup calls.  

When a customer reports a sluggish sewer or stoppage, the Utility must dispatch a crew to evaluate the 

problem. Since approximately 60% of all sewer backup calls indicate a problem on the customer’s service line 

on their property, those stoppages are the customer’s responsibility. But the expense incurred in responding 

adds up quickly over time and amounts to a significant drain on the budget.

The solution is C.O.L.I.

In less time than it takes to remove the cleanout cap, C.O.L.I. can be quickly and easily installed by 

Utility employees.  This simple yet effective device readily reveals the location of the stoppage - whether 

downstream (on the Utility’s side) or upstream (on the customer’s side) - of the sewer service line. The bright 

neon orange indicator on a property line clean-out, easily observable by the customer, signifies a stoppage on 

the downstream side and a service call is justified.  


Clean Out Level Indicator
Simple Installation
1.  Remove clean out cap     and drill 1/2" hole 
    in center of cap.
2. Insert COLI from     bottom of cap through     1/2" hole and install     seal and plug
3. Insert COLI into clean     out stand pipe and     screw on cap
Assembly Complete!